Testimonials help to understand how certain offered services are doing, how effective the services are, and so on. Here are some comments from the ‘Indian Music Lessons’ students.

On February 1, 2020 Dr. Qazi Hamid from the USA wrote on Rakhi Banerjee’s teaching of Vocal Music


It gives me immense pleasure in writing my feelings about Indian Music Lessons (IML) and my teacher Mrs. Rakhee Banarji.   Before I do so, please allow me to briefly introduce myself to you.  My name is Qazi A. Hamid, Chief Executive Officer, Rx Biosciences Inc., USA.  I was awarded Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from Banaras Hindu University, India.  I specialize in the field of cancer research and currently engaged in developing recombinant therapeutic antibodies for various cancers. I love music!

I feel very proud to become the part of Indian Music Lessons, mentored by Professor Dr. (Pandit) Sanjoy Bandopadhay, a world famous sitar player. I feel very privileged that Professor Bandopadhay allowed me admission in IML and Mrs. Rakhee Banerjee included me amongst her disciples.

I always had a deep interest in music, especially in singing. For the Ph.D., though I was in Varanasi for 5-6 years, a city known for its ancient cultural and musical heritage, I could not join any music institute due to my research commitments. After moving to the USA, I always felt if it was still possible for me to receive training in vocal music (singing) and I am lucky that IML made my dream come true.

I am getting training directly from Mrs. Rakhi Banerjee (M.A. in Music). She is a qualified teacher as she has a Master’s degree in music. I find her one of the best teachers that I have known so far. The training is one to one and face to face on Skype. She started my training from the very basics. I started with how to sing each note correctly. Once she thought my notes were strong, she moved to alankars, ragas with shudha and vikrit notes, alaps, taans in aakar and bol and with time my understanding of music kept on increasing. Certain alaps and tans, that I once used to find impossible to perform; now I sing them comfortably.  Now I enjoy singing bandishes in different ragas and taals.  As I like singing light music (film songs and ghazals), my family, friends, fans and followers find my songs technically sounder with remarkable difference in my voice quality. Above all, I find the training schedule quite flexible and adjustable according to my other schedules and singing abilities.

In my opinion Indian Music Lessons is the most appropriate place for those who want to advance their career in music (instrumental as well as vocal) through long-term online courses as well as for those who want to learn the basics of the music and try to improve their skills through short-term courses. I recommend IML very highly for all.

Lastly, I want to mention that my age (58 years) did not turn out to be an issue in learning music for me.


Qazi A Hamid



On  May 26, 2018 Satya Subramaniam  of Malayasia wrote:

The learning experiences with IML

On 26-May-2018, at 5:05 PM, Satya Subramaniam

I have been taking online sitar lessons with Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay for about three months now. At first, I was quite skeptical and unsure about how effective an online class can be. Now, after about 8 sessions, I feel that each and every session was an amazing learning experience.

I have the experience of learning both online (different geographical location) and also with a local teacher here in my own town. I feel that the online classes with guruji is as good as learning in the same geographical location. The only difference is that we are looking at each other through screens. Very rarely there will be a minor audio or connection problem which can be fixed easily.

Coming from not a well to do background, IML is a great saviour for me because if I were to go and stay in India to learn for long years it will definitely cost me a lot of money in terms of lodging and food, flight tickets, visa issues and e.t.c.

Guruji’s teaching method is so organized and well-structured according to the student’s level and musical ability. I have improved so much in terms of my speed, tone quality, and clarity of my playing. With all these improvements I feel more confident with my playing. I find the sessions very helpful with Guruji’s ability to find the root cause of my weakness or mistake in playing and giving an immediate solution for me to improve on it.

My goal is to become a professional musician one day and guruji has been training me so well so far and I’m truly blessed to be able from such a great teacher.

Satya ( Malaysia )

On 14-Jan-2017, at 6:09 PM, Matt Bless, Boston, USA wrote on his learning experience with Dilip Mukherjee

Having taken tabla lessons with Mr. Mukherjee for several months now, I can say without reservation that he’s an outstanding teacher and musician. He has a deep and broad understanding of tabla repertoire and technique and his methodical instruction has enabled me to improve very rapidly. While remote learning is not always ideal, for me living in the Boston area, it simply is not possible to find a tabla teacher anywhere near Mr. Mukherjee’s calibre locally, so I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with him through the India Music Lessons website.

Matt Bless, Boston [USA]

Testomnial from Suhas Mitra, Glasgow

“When I started learning from Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay 3 years ago I had no idea of the level he would manage to place me in.
The journey’s been simply fascinating and intriguing. As a student you will always yearn for more.
The fact that the lessons are done through skype has hardly made any difference. He is always able to detect weaknesses in one’s playing and gives material/exercises to improve on those.
His enthusiasm is immense and he has a tremendous drive to get the best out of the students.   My tone, sense of beat, gat vistar and so many other subtle techniques have improved significantly under his guidance.
He gives the students ample confidence to play any piece that would generate the Raga irrespective of the difficulties with particular instruments.”  

Suhas Mitra, Glasgow [U.K.]

Suhas Mitra joined Indian Music Lessons in 2011 to receive advanced training in sarod playing.  Earlier he had long years of training. His residing in Glasgow [Scotland] prompted him to search alternate setting for learning.
He registered in IML.Com to learn with Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay.
Suhas mostly takes lessons online but also takes a few lessons with Sanjoyda [he calls Gurujee] in real presence during his annual Kolkata visits.
This video was recorded during his Kolkata visit in October 2014.

Testimonial from Paul Sirotta [USA]:

I am not a musician, but I have always hankered to play the sitar simply because as a young man (now 64) I fell in love with its sound.   I purchased my instrument 10 years ago, but being unable to find a teacher, I stowed it away in storage.  I wouldn’t play without instruction because I didn’t want to acquire any bad habits.  I feared I would never find a teacher and had just about given up hope.
Then, miraculously, I discovered Indianmusiclessons.com online and Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay. I dusted off my sitar and started lessons via SKYPE on my computer.
What a wonderful time I have had!
The lessons are challenging to say the least, requiring diligent practice as instructed, but the results are worth it!  I have studied for only a year, but I can hardly believe the progress I’ve made.  Of course, I’m no “pandit” by a long shot, but I truly feel natural with the instrument and can play several compositions that are part of his curriculum.
I am now moving from strictly defined compositions to improvisation; a new adventure!  My technique is improving at a steady pace.   More than just technical instruction, though, Professor Bandopadhyay stresses musicianship.  How the music follows specific forms, the subtleties of individual raags, Hindustani music terminology, rhythmic aspects, and other nontechnical points are all part (and maybe the most challenging part) of the instruction.
Just one anecdote of note:  When I had been taking lessons for only about 2 months, my brother and sister-in-law, both accomplished classical western musicians, came for a visit.  My whole life I had been listening to them perform in concerts, enjoyed their musical triumphs, basked in their musical glow.  This time, however, while sitting around after dinner I appeared with my sitar and proceeded to play my little Raag Bhupali bandish, the first I had learned.  Their jaws literally dropped in surprise!  Really, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing. My sister-in-law decided then and there to learn to play sitar herself.  My brother simply asked me how long I had been taking lessons, and when I told him, he asked how I could play as well as I did after such a short time.
“I have a great teacher,” I answered.
-Paul Sirotta [USA]

I am a flautist based in Adelaide, Australia. I perform in both Karnatic (South Indian) and Hindustani (North Indian) style of music.
I was looking for a Guru to help me to get to the “next level” in Hindustani music. I found Sanjoyda’s IML in September 2010. I was contemplating whether to learn from a flautist or a Sitar player. It is not uncommon for a flautist to learn from a Sitar player – Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia is a well known example. But, I was not sure whether learning from Sitar player will suit me. Well, there is a b..i..g difference in the experience of Hari ji and me!
I decided to try it out. I took two demonstration classes with Sanjoyda. I found him extremely patient, knowledgeable and able to gauge my performance level to tailor his teaching. He emphasises on vocal approach and he was quick to point out that if I have to go to the next level, I have to listen to vocalists.
More than just a teacher, Sanjoyda plays a role of a coach and mentor. Such traits are not commonly seen among senior musicians.
I have learnt a full spectrum of a concert presentation in Rag Malkauns. It included alap, jod, jhala, a jhap tal composition, followed by drut and ati-drut compositions in teen tal. This journey took around 7 months. There have been few gaps in between. It was a very enjoyable experience.
My journey has not been without obstacles. Sanjoyda provides direct feedback on the improvement areas. He once described my komal dhaivat (the note “dha”) as “lifeless”. I am still trying to blow life into my “dha” and expecting a miracle in future!
I have no hesitation in recommending Sanjoyda as a Guru for anyone who is keen to learn Indian music.
-Muralidharan Ramakrishnan [Australia]

I have been taking lessons on-line from Sanjoyda for about a month now. Prior to this, I have had many face-to-face lessons with Sanjoyda and others. I was apprehensive about the process of on-line instruction, and much to my surprise (and delight) the experience has been a joy! Just as with face-to-face instruction, a typical lesson would start with me playing the sthayee-anthara of a traditional-composition from Sanjoyda’s seemingly limitless repertoire. As the lesson progresses, he would “up” the difficulty-level with some suggestions for taans and tihais. He might correct some phrases that do not adhere to the raga-grammar that I just played. On occasion, I might put my instrument down to access a file on my computer that he just sent with customized instructions. It is almost like he is in the room with me. Not having to leave my home to get my lessons from a really good instructor (and educator) is an added bonus!
-Prof. R.S. Sreenivas University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [USA]

Learning sitar with Sanjoyda online has been a very enjoyable and positive experience.   I look forward to every lesson and practice daily.   Sanjoyda is a fantastic teacher that can direct you along the path of your musical journey.   His teachings will improve your technique, tone, and overall handling of the sitar.   Sanjoyda gives excellent guidance in understanding raag, that is appropriate to your personal playing level.   He influences and encourages me to strengthen my musical creativity, in the pursuit to make better music.   Using the computer for real time web chat is very easy and effective.   I would recommend indianmusiclessons.com to anyone who is serious about learning indian classical music from the best possible teachers.   It’s an incredible opportunity to have the guidance of a real pandit at home.
~David Balaban, Vancouver, Canada

“It is completely my pleasure to be a student of IML!  I think the way you informed about the online music lessons on your website and answered my first contacts is at the same time very professional and nevertheless with a personal touch.   Immediately this gave me a very positive and trustworthy impression. My experience with the online lessons, the software and the connection was without problems so far.
Next I also found all your mails with precise instructions and answers to my questions a perfect complement to the online lessons.
I think that Rajrupa has an excellent approach as a teacher, she is very kind and understanding but at the same time precise and always knows immediately and exactly what I mean when I ask something, or when something is wrong.  This gives me a great confidence as a student.
So I can only say that I am always looking forward to the next lesson and I hope I will be able to go on with a reasonable progress for a long time!”
– Markus J. Weininger, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, Tuesday, March 06, 2007

“Initially I was hesitant about learning the sitar in Real Time mode over the Internet. My concerns were to do with things like latency, Internet reliability, time zone differences, etc. However, after taking the offer of two free lessons I realised these were minor issues, especially when compared to the expertise and skills Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay has to offer.
I would recommend this form of teaching to anyone who is serious about learning the Sitar from a true Professional. In just a few lessons my skills and confidence has grown ten fold, I am now starting to feel like a Sitarist!”
– Mahesh Sharma, UK

“I was very impressed with my first vocal lesson. I would like to learn sitar in this method, as well as, continue the vocal lessons— “
– Vimal A. Keshvara, Canada

”My appreciation and respect of your teaching skills continues to grow as I feel my playing ability get stronger and more confident with each lesson. You are revolutionizing the art of teaching.”
– Gary Pro, USA

“je suis les cours de sitar par internet donnés par le Professeur Sanjoy Bandopadhyay depuis sept mois.Mes progrès sur cet instrument sont si importants que je souhaitais témoigner de cette formidable opportunité d’être guidé par un vrai maître de la musique indienne.En effet la qualité des cours est remarquable: toutes les techniques et méthodes de travail sont enseignées d’une façon systématique en fonction de notre niveau.J’ai développer un bien meilleur son sur le sitar et l’ exécution des tans s’est nettement améliorée.Cette expérience est vraiment plénifiante et je souhaite la poursuivre le plus longtemps possible.”
– Denis Jouin, France

[English Translation]
“I have been learning to play sitar on line (through internet) for 7 months from professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay. It is a great experience and my playing has improved beyond my expectations. This is really a fantastic opportunity to have the guidance from a real pandit. The teachings are deeply thought and systematically organised, according to the level of the student. As a result, the tone, speed, clarity, and expression in my playing has improved immensely. I want to go on with the experience as long as possible.”
– Denis Jouin, France [Translated into English by Georges Lindenmeyer]

“Thank you for lessons. It is a real pleasure to learn with you. My hands are more relaxed and speeds coming slowly.”
– Stéphane Boyersept, France

“I have managed to practice every day.  I like doing the exercise now and want to keep on going when I starts.  She also tells me if I’ve improved and that is also doing me good.  After I have a session I feel very happy and the whole day I’m humming and I also like my teacher.”
– S. D. Bhagwandin, Netherlands [a vocal student of Rakhi Banerjee]

My experience in having a one on one music session has been very helpful to me.  I started learning vocal music when I was six years- old.  I stayed with that teacher for six months however, for she moved to India and I was too young to learn via skype.  From the years 2003-20008 I learned from another teacher, but she was not one on one so I quit.  In 2008 we found Rakhi Aunty and I have been with her for the past two years.  I have found that I have improved drastically. Not only because it is a one on one lesson, but because Rakhi Aunty is an extremely good teacher.  If I don’t get something right the first time, she helps me out patiently until I do get it.  And she teaches me the right amount for class. I don’t have way too much to learn or way too little either.  I have been requesting songs for Rakhi Aunty to teach me.  She finds the lyrics, learns the tune, and teaches it to me happily and patiently.  I plan to learn from Aunty until I go to college.
– Monika Dharanipragada, age 13, New Jersey USA [a vocal student of Rakhi Banerjee]