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windowLearn Indian Classical Music Online: Hearty Welcome to India Resident Students!

Indian residents will receive special facilities for pursuing as an IML student. Indian Music Lessons [IML] has opened a new window for the Indian residents. All these years since 2002, the pioneer in Online Indian Music Teaching, the IML only offered its services to the students those were away from India. It has been teaching Indian Classical Music, i.e., sitar, sarod, tabla, vocal music [khyal, thumri] and flute online for more than one and a half decade.  We have been receiving queries from many corners of India showing interest in IML. This guided us to consider on how we can open this new window. Finally, this is open to serve the students residing in India.

All students welcome  – Beginners to Advanced

IML warmly welcomes Indian resident students those (1) know the basic techniques of  sitar or sarod, and (2) advanced student of any instrument. Your teacher will be Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay, the renowned sitar maestro. IML is also accepting beginners and intermediate Vocal, Flute and Tabla students. The vocal, flute and tabla students will receive lessons from the IML teachers.

The lesson duration will be as required and around 30 mins. There will be one session every week.

The students are requested NOT to drop any session without minimum one day prior intimation. Otherwise those missed sessions will be counted as worked session. In case of sudden drop in the Internet and other unseen problems the students or the teacher, whoever will be affected, will communicate the other end on phone. The session will be considered as dropped or done as mutually agreed [this may depend when the session got dropped, at the beginning, in between or towards the end. If the session served all required practical purposes despite the fact that the session got dropped. Fortunately, in today’s Internet situation in India this kind incidents rarely happen.]

Fees details

Fees for Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay :

  • Fees: Rs. 1500 INR per lesson.
  • Minimum first payable is Rs. 3000 INR that will cover two lessons.

Fees for other teachers:

  • Fees: Rs. 1000 INR per lesson.
  • Minimum first payable is Rs. 2000 INR that will cover two lessons.
Note: The dispatched fees should get reflected at receiver end at least two days ahead of the start-date of the sessions.

All are requested to browse through  the site and understand how IML works. Please complete the form below to express your interest. The IML office will let you know the bank details where you can transfer the fees. Please give us a 3-4 days to complete the whole process, namely session scheduling, exchanging skype/FaceTime details and so on.

Indian Music is preparing  musicians for concert challenges and creating new musicians. YOU are a MUSICIAN, Discover it!

Please complete and send the form below to express your interest in IML.

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    Some more points that we like to share with you

    IML wishes that all the students residing in India visit Kolkata at least once a year and directly learn with their gurus under conventional mode and obtain intensive lessons. This will help the students to grow faster. During this stay they will work with their gurus many hours a day and will go through guided practicing [riyaz] for long hours. This will be good for the students those like to come up as able music performers.

    IML is considering of arranging Annual Music Festivals in Kolkata. The advanced students may be interested in this.This will primarily feature IML students along with established musicians. So, students will be welcome to submit their interest in offering recitals in the festival. The current call is open for foreign students. We shall open call for India residents at appropriate time. The artist selection will be based on the recommendations of the ‘Artist Selection Committee’ of IML.