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The Hindustani vocal classes are conducted by Rakhi Banerjee. Her students from the USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, etc. are with all praises for her teaching system. Rakhijee teaches Khyal [also spelt as ‘Khayal’], Thumri and other forms of Indian vocal music. Here is the opportunity to have online Indian vocal music lessons directly from India, over the Internet!

IML uses traditional teaching methods and offers tailor-made learning materials to match individual student’s needs in one to one system.  IML follows the method adapted in one to one ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’ system of training. This is giving very good results.

Here are some comments from Rakhijee’s IML students.

“I have managed to practice every day.  I like doing the exercise now and want to keep on going when I starts.  She also tells me if I’ve improved and that is also doing me good.  After I have a session I feel very happy and the whole day I’m humming and I also like my teacher.”
– S. D. Bhagwandin, Netherlands [a vocal student of Rakhi Banerjee]

My experience in having a one on one music session has been very helpful to me.  I started learning vocal music when I was six years- old.  I stayed with that teacher for six months however, for she moved to India and I was too young to learn via skype.  From the years 2003-20008 I learned from another teacher, but she was not one on one so I quit.  In 2008 we found Rakhi Aunty and I have been with her for the past two years.  I have found that I have improved drastically. Not only because it is a one on one lesson, but because Rakhi Aunty is an extremely good teacher.  If I don’t get something right the first time, she helps me out patiently until I do get it.  And she teaches me the right amount for class. I don’t have way too much to learn or way too little either.  I have been requesting songs for Rakhi Aunty to teach me.  She finds the lyrics, learns the tune, and teaches it to me happily and patiently.  I plan to learn from Aunty until I go to college.
– Monika Dharanipragada, age 13, New Jersey USA [a vocal student of Rakhi Banerjee]

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