FAQ 1. Is Live Internet Based Music Teaching (IBMT) a good substitute to the traditional mode of teaching?

A1. Live teaching on the net [Live IBMT] has become possible because of the availability of advanced internet facilities. In this mode you can learn almost as you would have learnt sitting before a teacher [Guru] in a room in the traditional Indian mode. The only thing that will be missing is that your teacher [Guru] will not be able to touch you or you will not be able to touch your teacher [Guru]. Apart from this everything is almost as good.

FAQ 2. Can I get additional support from the teacher apart from the weekly lessons?
A2. Yes, the individual problems are taken up separately. This is one to one teaching system and to take care of problems of the individuals are the TOP PRIORITY.

FAQ 3. How do you teach the beginners of Instrumental Music students?

A 3. For absolute beginners one of the major challenges is to tune the instrument.  It is good if you have the basic knowledge of handling the instrument. A beginner might be advised to start with a few sessions of vocal training along with the starter lesson of the specific instrument. At first they will be tested for the basic musical talents like the sense of pitch and rhythm. [Click to read in detail] 

FAQ 4. Can I ask for some specific type of lessons?
A3. The teachers usually assess the students’ performances and observe the improvement graph. The lessons are chosen on the specific requirements of the students. So, if a student requests for some specific type of lesson then the teacher will assess the students’ performance and decide if that lesson is appropriate for the student.

FAQ 4. How long do I require to practice everyday?
A4. It all depends on the level of your performance. If you are a beginner then 30 minutes practicing per day should be enough. If you are an advanced student then you may have to practice more to really feel the touch.

FAQ 5. Can I have the tips on playing at a high speed and with sweet sound?
A5. Sure, you will receive all the required tips for this.

FAQ 6. How are the time-slots?
A6. As the teaching will be real-time the teachers from Kolkata [Calcutta] are available during 8:30 am to 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. IST [Indian Standard Time +5:30 GMT]. Usual time allotment is around 1 hour for each lesson. But this is not rigid. One may opt for 30-minute slot too. Please click to know available time slots. Kindly quote two acceptable time-slots when you mail your request for time-slot allotment. The imparting of the lesson will be in the traditional style taking advantage of the digital technology on all possible areas.

FAQ7. What is the minimum required set-up?
A7. For live teaching you will require: · high speed internet connection through broadband or 4G · A PC/Mac/iPad attached with web camera using skype or FaceTime.

FAQ 8. What will happen in case of bad Internet situation?
A8. In the event of bad internet condition [e.g. fluctuating or low Internet speed making the exercise not possible] the lesson will be shifted to another time slot of mutual convenience of the teacher and the student and the matching availability of the free time-slot. This will be free of charge.

FAQ 9. What are the fees?
A9. Please visit the Fees page for details. 

Students residing in India may look at the relevant details at the page specially designed for them.

FAQ 10.  Can I get a Music learning certificate?

A10. IML works on the line of Guru-Shishya teaching-learning system. So, a teacher may issue a certificate on the official stationery of IML.  To earn a certificate a student MUST satisfy the following conditions:

  • at least learn for 12 months.
  • Missed session should be minimal. A student MUST attend more than 75% of the offered sessions.
  • The students MUST have the required music set-up at home, as advised by the teacher. For example, the instrument, the tanpura and tabla support facility through actual support or through software or electronic gadget.
  • The students should appropriately practice and listen to music, as advised by the teacher, to enhance achievement level.

The certificate will contain:

  • Total number of sessions attended and the total time taken to complete all the sessions, i.e., 12 months and 40 teaching- learning sessions.
  • Level at the time of entry. [beginner/intermediate/advanced/concert level]
  • General description of the materials taught
  • Achievements by the student.

IML may keep a sample performance of the student online. The teacher may ask the student to give a small performance that will be recorded and may get published online.

The certificate processing fees will be $50 USD for all students excepting students residing in India. The certificate processing fees for the students residing in India is Rs. 2000.

FAQ 11.  Can I skip a session, if required?

A 11. Students are advised NOT to skip any session. When skipping is NOT advised, there may be exceptional situations from both the ends. Excepting in exceptional or emergency situations a student may NOT miss/reschedule more than two sessions in a 10 session bunch. The students should try to inform IML at least 24 hours in advance.

FAQ 12. Can I discontinue lessons when I have not used up all the prepaid lessons? How can I get a refund of the unused lessons?

A 12. IML discourages discontinuation. If a student has genuine reasons for discontinuing s/he may request IML for a temporary postponement of lessons. But the duration of postponement should not be more than 60 days. IML will not be responsible to provide lessons after the elapse of this period.

The payments made to IML is non-refundable.