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Here is the opportunity to have online Indian music lessons directly from India, over the Internet! IndianMusicLessons.com [IML] offers online lessons in Sitar, Sarod and Indian Classical Vocal Music. In Vocal Music the primary focus is on Khayal and Thumri. 

Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay introduced IML. 
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The lessons are taught by highly able teachers and reputed musicians. IML, as the pioneer in offering Indian Classical Music lessons online, it  has been serving the students since 2002. 

During its long journey, Indian Music Lessons produced a good number of students who have become performing musicians! It uses traditional teaching methods. The system also offers tailor-made learning materials to match individual student’s needs.  IML follows the method adapted in one to one ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’ system of training. This is giving very good results.

The serious IML students are enjoying two types of results.

(1) The keen beginners who joined IML developed  general performance abilities early, and

(2) Some students who joined IML with general performance abilities. They wanted to become concert-artists. IML is glad that they actually came out as performers and receiving warm acceptance  from the listeners.

Visiting the Teacher / Guru in India

Here is an important IML advice for the keen students who wish to come up as good performers. These students should consider visiting Kolkata whenever they find the time. They can stay with their Gurus for some time.

During the Kolkata visits the students will receive the opportunity to go through long hours of guided practicing [riyaz]. Also importantly, they will receive training sitting close to their teachers. This is known as ‘seena baseena taalim’. Above this, the Kolkata ambiance works as a catalyst for all-round musical growth.

IML found that mixed mode of teaching very effective. The online lessons mixed with some Seena-Baseena Taalim help the students to understand the art closely.

PERFORMANCE  OPPORTUNITIES IN KOLKATA  [Temporarily closed due to covid-19 situation]

IML arranges Baithaks for its students who visit their Gurus in Kolkata. The specially invited audiences include renowned musicians. As a result, the students receive an idea of their own performance impacts. They also receive suggestions on improvements from the learned audiences.

An Answer for the Serious Music Students

Indian Music Lessons is a good answer for serious learners. If you are searching for professional music guidance for sitar, sarod, vocal music, and tabla, this is your destination. Indian Music lessons is a modern version of the ancient, one to one, the traditional method of teaching (guru-shishya parampara). Online teachers offer effective support.

Indian Music lessons.com is preparing musicians for concert challenges and creating new musicians. YOU are a musician, DISCOVER IT!

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Note: IML is currently NOT accepting students from India's neighboring countries. It is accepting intermediate and advanced students from different Indian cities. Click to know the details. 

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    Once again, the offered online Indian classical music lessons are as follows:

        • Sitar lessons online
        • Hindusthani Vocal Lessons online [Khyal and Thumri]
        • Sarod lessons online

    This is time that you view the video of the highly acclaimed music educator and sitar player Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay. Here he talked about Music Pedagogy.  The brief sitar piece used in the video was taken from Sanjoyda’s SMB Museum, Berlin concert. This video was recorded by Jon Barlow in 2003.

    Note: One of the headers of this website used a series of Rajasthan's Ragamala Paintings of 16th-17th century.